Neeraj chopra becomes first Indian to win gold medals in world athletics championships 

Neeraj chopra , it is a historic moment for indian athletes . Neeraj chopra win the gold medals in javelin throw in world athletics championships which will be organised in Budapest , Hungary  and represents India in world level . His achievements will be unfolded in few hours of 28 August he faces to many best competitor around the world but he show his powers and record a 88.17 meters throw in his second attempt and won gold medals .  

The outstanding performance of Neeraj chopra not only secured the gold medals but he also represents the Indian stages on world levels. 

 In 2022 world championship he secured the silver medal but now he show that he will be improving day by day .

Competitor of Neeraj chopra is from Pakistan , Arshad Nadeem who won silver medals behind the indian gold medalists 87.82m and the Czech Republic Jakeb Vedlech win bronze medal by making a record 86.67m.

Who is in number 1 javelin throw in india ?

Currently Neeraj chopra was in the number one javelin throw in world. He had won gold medal in Tokyo Olympic 2020 but finished with the silver medal in Eugene last years . The other who won medal in world level is Anju Bobby George who took bronze level at 2003 in Paris .

On qualification round of men javelin  final at the 2023 event . Neeraj only needed to book a place on Sunday event. The olympic champion always register his seats by his first attempt by throwing a javelin 88.77m.Thus he secured his automatic position of finals .

Neeraj chopra

Neeraj makes history 

The Indian superstar javelin thrower  becomes the third to hold the olympic and won gold medals in world level in the sports ,after the Jan Zelezny of Czech Republic and Andreas Thorkildsen of Norway. Zelenzy clinzed olympic gold medal in 1992,1995,2001 and Thorkildsen won gold in 2008 olympic and 2009 world championships.

Neeraj Chopra achievements –

This medal complete a set for neeraj chopra . Now Neeraj chopra have too many achievements and titles possibility on sports .He have a titles on Olympic and world championship gold ,Diamond league title also .Neeraj chopra also becomes the Asian athletes in 2017 ,Asian games (2018), Commonwealth games champion (2017).

Top 5 World Athelitics Championships results 2023 men javelin throw final results

1Neeraj Chopra(IND)88.17m
2Arshad Nadeem(PAK)87.82m
3Jakub Vadlech(CZE)86.67m
4Julian Weber(GER)85.79m
5Kishore Jena(IND)84.77m

When did Neeraj Chopra won gold medals ?

The Indian javelin throw champion won the gold medal at the junior championship 2016,the Asian Championship 2017, the Asian games 2018 and Commonwealth games ,the 2020 Tokyo Championships.

World Atheletes championship finals

In world atheletes championship finals Neeraj Chopra finish his javelin throw to win gold medals .In other side three indian placed their position on top 8 with Kishore Jena (84.77m),DP Manu (84.14m)secured the position in fifth and sixth respectively

Neeraj chopra

Neeraj chopra Age ,Height,Net worth, javelin

Neeraj chopra is the number one in javelin throw men in world check his biography, age ,height, net worth below the article

Neeraj chopra Biography –

This is the star athelete he is top 1 in javelin throws and keeping India in proud . He create one more history on 28th August by winning gold in world atheletics championships .He secure the gold medals by his throw 88.17m from his second attempts .Neeraj chopra is the athlete who currently won gold medals in world championships in the javelin throw .He makes the first Asian to win the javelin throw in Asia.

Neeraj chopra

Neeraj chopra Birthday –

Neeraj Chopra turned 26 this year at December. The world athletes champion and Tokyo gold medalist received the wishes all over the india . He celebrate his birthday on 24th of December .Neeraj chopra was born on 24th December 1997 in Khandra village of Panipat Haryana .His family is basically from agriculture earner. He has two sisters and graduated from  Dayanand Anglo Vedic College in Chandigarh . He trained by the coach under Coach Uwe Hohn.

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