Janmasthmi 2023 :Date and Time 

Janmasthmi 2023 – According to the hindu calendar janmashtami will come in Asthmati tithi of krishna paksh of bhadrapada . In this year Janmasthmi comes in two days 6 August and 7 August 2023. Janamstmi is celebrate too much celebrations in all over India but in Mathura the birth place of Lord Krishna janmashtmi is celebrate into next level . Krishna janamstmi will celebrate in 6 August and Dahi handi time will celebrate on 7 August. We will celebrate Janamasthmi because Lord krishna will birth on that day.

Janmasthmi 2023

Janmsthmi Date and Time 

Ashtami Tithi starts – 6 September 2023 – 3:37 PM

Ashtami Tithi ends – 7 September 2023 – 4:14 PM 

Rohini Nakshatra Begins – 6 September 2023 – 9:20 AM

Rohini Nakshatra Ends – 7 September 2023 – 10:25 AM 

Janmasthmi 2023

Why  does the Hindu community celebrate Janmasthmi ?

Janmsthmi will mark on the birthday of God Krishna and it will celebrate on too much existment and excitement . Although in different different states it will celebrating too much like Vrindavan and Mathura hold a special place because Mathura is the birth place of Lord Krishna and Vrindavan is the place where he lives in youth life. Too many temples of krishna will be situated in vrindavan and mathura and in temples will be decorating by lights and diyas.

Also people tie Dahi handis in their societies and buildings and celebrate the Dahi handi in janmashtami at rohini nakshatra.

Janmasthmi 2023 date in India 

In india and hindu calender janmashtami will celebrate on two days 6 and 7 August 2023 because the asthami tithi will start on 3:37 pm at 6 september and it will end on 4:14 pm at 7 September or the rohini nakshatra starts on 9:20 am at 6 September and ends at 10:25 am on 7 september and the Dahi Handi is celebrate on 7 September .

Janmasthmi holiday 

As per the government the holiday o will be on 6 September but the government will also done the holiday on 7 september also on tha occasion of janmasthmi but at different different states there is no to compulsory too do holiday on 7 september but the school colleges are close on 6 September .

Janmasthmi puja vidhi 

The puja time of janmasthmi will be on 3:38 pm most of the people will take fast and break their fast at night. The puja vidhi of the occasion of Ladoo Gopal Ji are first we take a bath on morning and change the clothes and at the previous night we will clean the puja ghar and the shree krishna palna also then at night when we are doing puja first we need to done 15 minutes dhyan and connect to our soul into shree krishna and then we need to take a parnikma and aarti of Ladoo Gopal ji and pray to protect our family into evils.

Janmasthmi quotes and wishes 

1 – India celebrate the janmasthmi with lot of joys and enjoyment and enjoying the kanhaya julas to dahi handis may your family is also enjoying and celebrating the janamasthmi with enjoyment .

2 – Happy janmasthmi all of you and your family by me

Janmasthmi 2023

Janamsthmi 2023 vrat kab rakhe ?

Usually celebrated following the birth of Lord Krishna, the Janmashtami fast. After 12:42 am, devotees can observe Janmashtami’s Parana 2023. The fast might begin at 6:02 am on September 7 if Janmashtami is observed on the day following dawn. On September 7, after 4:14 p.m., those who break their fast at Ashtami Tithi will perform Parana. The day after Janmashtami, Dahi Handi is observed. Dahi Handi is observed this year on September 7th and all the peoples are taking vrat on 6 september.

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