ISRO Chandrayaan 3 Landing: A Live Updates Spectacle

chandrayaan 3 is the third mission which will be held by ISRO for landing in moon by lander to give information to the ISRO team.

Components of chandrayaan 3 are it consist a vikram lander and rover which name is pragyan. Pragyan is simplar component which will be locate in chandrayaan 2 also but the changes in conponent of chandrayaan 3 are vikram lander.

chandrayaan 3 news

Chandrayaan 3 is successfully landed on moon at 18:20pm . On 23 august the landing date of chandrayaan will be decided by the ISRO team and assume the time of landing but some fault and speed of vikram lander the landing time of the chandrayaan 3 will be delayed 1 hour.

Today the historic day at 23 august chandrayaan 3 is successfully landed on South Pole region of moon

Chandrayan 3 vikram lander touch the moon surface at 18:04 pm because at chandrayaan 2 when the lander is at the distance of 10 km the lander will crashed and destroy to the moon surface

chandrayaan 3 mission

chandrayaan 3 mission

On chandrayaan 3 mission vikram lander makes the successful landing on the moon surface and PM Modi also gave congratulations to the ISRO teams and scientists who are working on chandrayaan3 missions . This step is the big step done by the Indian government by make the project on 600 crore

Now india will become the 3rd country who will successfully landed on moon and all others country also give blessing on their twitter accounts for successfully in chandrayaan 3 mission

chandrayaan 3 update

Chandrayan 3 update was that India was created a history to land a vikram lander on moon and now ISRO will also trying to get ready on their next missions and PM modi give congratulations to all indians and space scientists for successfull the mission

chandrayaan 3 live

chandrayaan 3 live

chandrayaan 3 was the biggest moment and i cannot express my excitement and expression for successfull on the chandrayaan mission. This is the biggest moment to congratulate ISRO team . India is not fourth country who successfull land on the moon. The lander provide the information on the southern part of the moon and gives all the information about the atmosphere etc.

The lander module will be launched on 14 July and settled the landing date on 23 august that the lander was land on 23 august at 18:04

Chandrayaan 3 lander name

The chandrayaan 3 mission was launched on 14 july from sriharikota . The lander user in this model is vikram lander because it is decent and slow their speed when it’s comes near to the moon surface. The velocity of lander when come on moon surface is 1.68 km. This lander is also used in chandrayaan 2 mission.

The river used in chandrayaan is pragyan. The function of rover is safety landing the lander on the moon surface and deploy the mobile pragyan. The mobile pragyan is the device which is used to send information to the ISRO team for that the ISRO team is doing research on the moon environment.

Chandrayan 3 landing date and time

Chandrayaan 3 was land on the moon surface around 6:04 pm at 23 august . India is almost done this journey after 2 failures . But finally the success will be provide to all the indians and ISRO scientists . If you want to track the chandrayaan 3 live updates you can visit to the ISRO official website and see all the latest updates about the lander . Vikram lander is connected to the ISRO team and give all the Information to the teams. Here some images click by the vikram lander . Chandrayaan 3 is the leading journey and the first step by the Indian government to go for the moon

Soon this will done that the human life will be also goes to the moon also. And in future the trip of moon is also done .

Chandrayaan 3 is done soft landing on the moon surface . The mission completed by the ISRO team by facing 2 failure also.

chandrayaan 3 lands on moon

The chandrayaan mission was launched on 14 july . This is the successful mission has made india the fourth most country for enter on the lunar surface of moon after US, China, and the Erstwhile

On chanrayan 2 the vikram lander will destroy before the landing time on 10 km away from the moon

The vikram lander travel on the speed of 1.6 km per second and slow their speed when the lander is coming on the surface of moon .

The lander with four legs and stand on the moon surface when it land . On Rs 600crore the mission will be ready to become the ISRO best mission and create a history . The lander carried rover compartment. This lander send information all to the ISRO TEAM and providing data and details to the teams

chandrayaan 3 will successful

NCP chief sharad pawar congrates to the ISRO team to the third lunar mission successfull .


The ISRO Chandrayaan-3 mission is more than a technological endeavor; it’s a representation of human curiosity and determination. As the world watches with bated breath, this mission stands as a testament to India’s capabilities in the realm of space exploration.


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