Barcelona vs Juventus Match canceled 2023

FC Barcelona has announced that their friendly match against Juventus scheduled for Saturday evening has been canceled.The club returned to Catalonia around 7:00 PM and tweeted, “FC Barcelona informs that the match against Juventus FC, which was supposed to take place at Levi Stadium at 7:30 PM on July 22nd as part of the Soccer Champions Tour, Barcelona vs Juventus has been canceled.”

Barcelona vs Juventus Details

According to their official statement, “A notable portion of the Blaugrana team is currently battling viral gastroenteritis.”

However, according to Víctor Malo, the director of Culemania, L’Esportiu’s section dedicated to FC Barcelona, eight players from Barça were affected by an illness that is “not gastric.”

Malo explained that Barcelona suspects that the virus may have been contracted from one of the players who traveled to Africa on vacation, but not all of them had received all the necessary vaccinations before going to their home countries.

These reports are not confirmed by the club, but some Twitter users have already speculated that the pensive Barça star Alejandro Balde might be among those affected since he visited his father’s homeland, Guinea-Bissau, at the end of June.

According to Sport, Balde is definitely one of the players who have fallen ill. The newspaper stated that Kounde was the first to feel unwell, and later, Balde, Eric Garcia, and the recently acquired transfer market purchase Oriol Romeu also became involved.

Barcelona vs Juventus

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Barcelona won’t start its pre-season campaign against Juventus because, according to the club, a significant part of the Blaugrana team is suffering from viral gastroenteritis.

This means that it is impossible for them to play the match in Santa Clara on Saturday evening.

The team was supposed to fly to Santa Clara at 10:30 AM local time (7:30 PM in Spain) to play their first friendly match of the training camp, but they had to change their plans.


Barcelona vs Juventus

Barcelona vs Juventus reasons why match canceled –

The players who are not affected by this viral gastroenteritis will continue their preparations.

There are no details yet about any alternative program for the day, but it is likely that they will have separate training sessions.

Regarding the matter of viral gastroenteritis, Barcelona’s communication lacks additional information regarding the possible cause of this situation.

Notably, Jules Kounde was absent from the initial two training sessions in Los Angeles due to gastrointestinal concerns.

Highlighting a crucial point, it must be acknowledged that Jules Kounde was unable to participate in the initial two training sessions held in Los Angeles due to stomach-related issues.. Now, with several players affected, FC Barcelona is taking necessary precautions to ensure the well-being of their squad.

Team club staff member report –

The club’s medical staff is closely monitoring the situation and providing necessary medical care to the affected players. The priority is to ensure a swift recovery and prevent any further spread of the illness within the team.

For the moment, FC Barcelona has not disclosed the names of the affected players, but they are taking all the necessary steps to contain the situation. The cancellation of the friendly match against Juventus was a preventive measure to avoid any potential risks to the players’ health.

The club is likely to release further updates on the players’ conditions and any changes to their training schedule as more information becomes available. Fans and followers are eagerly awaiting news on the players’ recovery and their readiness for upcoming matches and the new season.

Barcelona vs javentus may be postponed –

As the situation unfolds, FC Barcelona will be closely monitoring the health of their players and ensuring that all necessary medical protocols are followed. Their priority is to have a healthy and fit squad for the upcoming season, and they are taking all necessary measures to achieve that goal.

Fans around the world are showing their support and sending well-wishes to the affected players, hoping for a speedy recovery and a successful season ahead. As more updates come in, the football community will eagerly await the return of FC Barcelona to full strength.Meanwhile, other teams and players continue their preparations for the new season, and the football world eagerly anticipates the excitement and drama that the upcoming matches will bring.As we wait for further news and developments from FC Barcelona, the thoughts of fans and fellow players remain with the team and those affected by the illness. The hope is for a quick resolution and a return to the football pitch for the Blaugrana stars.

Rest assured, as updates come in, the football community will come together to support FC Barcelona during this challenging time. For now, we send our best wishes to the players, the coaching staff, and the entire FC Barcelona family, hoping for a swift recovery and a successful season ahead.We will keep a close eye on further developments and provide updates as soon as new information emerges. In the meantime, let us all come together to show our support and solidarity with FC Barcelona during this period of uncertainty.Stay tuned to football news outlets and the official FC Barcelona channels for the latest updates. As the situation progresses, the club will surely provide more information and guidance to fans and followers.

Let’s hope for the best and look forward to seeing FC Barcelona back on the field, playing their beautiful brand of football, with their stars shining brightly once again.

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